Epson ELP DC-20 Visualiser

Illuminate objects

Packed full of features to enhance classroom teaching. A3-size materials, such as maps and large diagrams, can be easily projected, and the LED light helps illuminate difficult-to-see objects. A split-screen display allows two different sources to be connected at the same time, and real-time microscopic worlds can be observed using the microscope attachment.


PC-free functionalities

With PC-free functions such as real-time annotation a USB mouse can be connected directly to the visualiser for drawing on live images and illustrating teaching points. The PC-free record-and-replay feature means video footage can be filmed and stored straight onto the 1GB internal memory then played back in future lessons.


Greater flexibility and security

Rotate in three different directions for greater flexibility of use then easily folded away for storage. Added security bar/locks provide schools with peace of mind when the visualiser is not in use.


Advanced software

Teachers can liven-up classes with the advanced software included. Time-lapse video for example can be used to record video footage for up to 72 hours allowing gradual events such as plant growth to be filmed for use in science lessons. With the built-in microphone teachers can also add audio commentary to video files and tag and upload videos to video-sharing websites.

Technical Specification


Attribute Value
Pixels 1920 Horizontal x 1080 Vertical
Total zoom 12 X Optical Zoom, 10 X Digital Zoom
Weight 3 kg