SMART Bridgit Conferencing Software

Engage with remote participants through robust on-screen interactions – at any time, in any location


Collaborate with remote participants and local teams in real-time using Bridgit conferencing software. SMART Bridgit conferencing software provides a quick, easy and effective way to share voice, video and data over the Internet or a network, saving on travel time and costs, making online meetings or distance learning easy to set up and use. Bridgit 4.0 brings new features and networking improvements to collaborative meetings.


Reduce bandwith

Desktop sharing in full colour with lowest bandwidth usage yet.

VoIP ready

Built in voice and video-conferencing (VoIP) with increased video support.


Annotate over desktops and applications with pen tools on a SMART interactive display.

Global Server Network

Secure and most reliable conference environment with new Global Server Network.

Single purchase

Non-subscription service one-off purchase.

SMART Scheduler

Automated email invitation to conference attendees and MS Outlook integration with new SMART Scheduler.

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