SMART Meeting Pro 4.0 Collaboration Software

Experience the unlimited interactive Unbound Workspace

SMART Meeting Pro 4.0 visual collaboration software allows use

rs to create and capture ideas in the virtually unlimited interactive Unbound Workspace, as well as make notes over any available application, keep meetings organised and easily communicate outcomes.

You can also extend collaboration from the meeting room to your PC or Mac with SMART Meeting Pro Personal Edition. It enables you to edit files created during a collaboration session without being connected to a SMART Board interactive display.


Unbound Workspace

SMART Meeting Pro’s Unbound Workspace enables a level of content creation never before seen and offers the easiest way to work with large amounts of visual data. The collaboration workspace intelligently resizes to your contextual need and Radar View enables you to pan and zoom without losing your place.

Interactive whiteboarding features

Use unlimited interactive whiteboard pages and easily jump from page to page. Use shapes lines text undo and redo resize rotate and change object properties and convert handwriting to text.

Leverage multiple displays

Make working on complicated projects that require cross-functional and remote teams faster and easier by enabling simultaneous views of the same content on up to 16 displays. You can work on a zoomed-in view on one display keep the zoomed-out view on another while viewing all annotations in real-time across all displays.

More efficient meetings

Combined with Microsoft Exchange SMART Meeting Pro reads meeting invitations to automatically start the meeting when you log in. It loads your agenda attendee list links included in the meeting invite and any attached documents.

Save function

Take screen shots or area captures of third-party content to include in your interactive whiteboard file. Save all of your work to a single file as a PPT PDF or image file on your network computer hard drive or USB drive.

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