SMART Room System with Meeting Pro

A truly collaborative experience

SMART Room System with Meeting Pro enables comprehensive data interaction in a turn-key hardware solution. When used with SMART Bridgit, remote participants can be seen and heard, and are also able to interact with the content being discussed simultaneously with the presenter, ensuring they stay engaged and are able to fully contribute to the conversation. Using the Unbound Workspace within Meeting Pro, and a possibility of five different screen sizes, the possibilities are limitless. Includes interactive flat panels, a camera, two table top speakers, two table top microphones, and 10 Meeting Pro Personal Edition licences.


An integrated solution

All of the room components are designed to work together. This creates a single integrated solution for audio, video and data collaboration that simplifies installation, support and ensures the components function as a single system.

SMART Meeting Pro Software

This powerful software enables you to collaborate in the 4th dimension by interacting with digital content. You can also work in the Unbound Workspace, a virtually unlimited collaboration workspace that makes it easy to work with large amounts of visual data without getting lost.

Systems designed for any room

SMART offers a single, dual and triple for the 70”, and a single and dual for the 84” systems.

Natural videoconferencing

SMART’s camera features a 109 degree field of view allowing remote users to see the entire room without the need for pan/tilt/zoom functionality. The camera reduces eye gaze, making remote and in-room participants feel as though they are looking each other in the eye.

SMART Room System with Meeting Pro comes with 2 tabletop microphones, ensuring effective coverage and integrated speakers offer high quality sound.

Object awareness

The SMART display automatically detects a finger or a pen without special mode switches or buttons and allows users to erase ink on the display with their palm.

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