SMART Table 442i

The Collaborative Tool for any Learning Environment


Drive collaboration, learner attainment and engagement. Discover how the SMART Table 442i creates a dynamic and stimulating learning environment for Primary, Early Years and SEN learners.


Flexible Multi Touch Learning

Today’s intuitive multi-touch technology designed for up to 8 learners

Improve Classroom Participation

Promotes collaboration discussion and learner-centric educational pedagogy

Pre-Created Activities

Includes access to over 1500 activities, training support and more

SMART Sync Included

Enables teachers to send content to a nearby SMART interactive display to showcase or capture a student(s) learning experience

Engaging Learning

Showcase learning journeys with multi-media audio and more

Warranty Information:

warranty2 years warranty

Rest assured of quality and reliability with a 2 years warranty included at standard

Real peace of mind that your product will be trouble-free for years to come

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SMART Table 442i

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